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          1. About Us

            Located in Huzhou city at the south bank side of Taihu Lake, Huzhou Styly Jingcheng Textile Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for it is abutted on Wuxi and Suzhou, and is only 2 hours and one hour by ride to Shanghai and Hangzhou separately. At the same time, Jingcheng enjoys convenient traffic conditions because there is a developed transportation network in Huzhou, which is consisted of Hangzhou-Nanjing expressway, Shensuzhewan expressway, Shenjiahu expressway and Shenjiahang expressway.

            Jingcheng was founded in 1997, with 128 sets of water-jet looms from Japan Tsudakoma.  With well-established sales team and development team, opening sight, special thought, brand-new management idea and leading method, Jingcheng has become a weaving, dyeing and trading enterprise; now, we yearly produce 10 million meters and export UDS 15 millions of chemical fiber fabrics, which are well sold in China, EU, USA, The Middle East, Africa and Central & South America, etc. Relying on regular modern enterprise management system, and taking "Management as warp, innovation as weft, honest as gold and challenge limits" as business philosophy", we have trained a new generation of professional managers and qualified & steady work team. Taking "sustainable development" as highest goal, Jingcheng aims to get mutual development with the customers' development; we are working hard to help customer handle their problems and troubles.

            Our main products are polyester twisted weight-losing fabrics for lady's skirts, pants, suits and men's suits. Taking local chemical fibers and Korean chemical fibers as materials, we are mainly produce top-grade fabrics of lady's clothing. Now, we have established close and long-term cooperative relationships with famous brand companies of lady's clothes. We are not only the supplier of M&S, JONES NEW YORK, KASPER, LE SUIT, CALVIN KLEIN, ANNE KLEIN, JC PENNY, TAHARI ASL, C&A, and ZARA, but also the partner of these brands (we develop new products with these companies according to their requirements). Up to now, we have had several patents, and several products have been approved as new products of China and Zhejiang province.

            Huzhou Styly Jingcheng Textile Co., Ltd.

            It integrates weaving, dyeing and sales. It mainly produces polyester twist-reduced fabrics for women's skirts, pants, suits and men's suit fabrics.

            No. 8, Shuanglin Avenue, Shuanglin Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang



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